Kenali Wina

Product Feature :
This Activation Cleansing Dew helps to revive and restore facial skin to its original healthy state. Its plant biotechnology formulation first deeply and thoroughly cleanses the skin, whisks away pore-clogging dirt, oil and make-up, thus preventing the occurrence of skin blemishes. Secondly, this cleansing dew also activates the dermis cell to quicken skin metabolism function, thus leading to speedy skin refinement to achieve soft, bright, and glowing complexion.

1. First, wet the entire face.
2. Press out one or two drops of cleansing dew in a palm, rub it gently until it starts  
3. Then gently massage the dew foam onto the entire face for 2 minutes, and
    continue for another 3 minutes focusing on the skin areas that require more 
PEG-7 Glycery Cocoate / Potassium C12-13 Monalkl Phoshate /Glycerin /Disodium Laurenth Sulfosuccinate/ Propylene Glycol/ Licorice Extract / Rosehip Extract/ Water Lily Extract/ Sodium Palmitotyl Proline/ Arbutin/ and Ascorbic Acid.
StorageStore in cool and dry place.
Wina Revitalizing Moisturizer
Product Feature
This Revitalizing Moisturizer rapidly goes deep into the dermis layers to instantly nourish and activate skin cell to renew and to revitalize, thus enable the skin to fight aging. It also restraints melanin formation while balance sebum secretion.  The botanical nutrients perfectly hydrate the skin to make it refined and radiant.
1. At night , cleanse the face with Activation Cleansing Dew.
2. Take adequate amount of  the moisturizer and apply evenly onto the face. Gently massage to enhance absorption.
3. Apply every night.
Glycerin and Glyceryl Polyacrylate / Rosa Mosqueta / Arbutin / Linolenic Acid /  Plant Collagen / Polyacrylamide / Ginkgo Biloba Extract / Licorice Extract / Rosa Ether / Distilled Water.
Storage : Store in cool and dry place.
MAL: 07030256K
Wina Firming Vital Essence
Product Feature:
This Firming Vital Essence provides superior moisturizing for the facial skin. It enhances the energy of cell to regenerate, thus improving the ability of self-correction and defense against aging. Continual application of this Firming Vital Essence will gradually reduce the fine lines and wrinkles, thereby improving skin texture and complexion.
1. In the morning, cleanse the face with Activation Cleansing Dew.Pat dry the face
2. Press out adequate amount of the essence, apply evenly onto the entire face.
3. Then massage gently the fine lines and wrinkles for 15 seconds.
4. Apply every morning after cleansing.
Glycern and Glycery Polyacrylate / Aloe Vera Extract / Distilled water / Blosaccharide Gum-1 / Plant Collagen / Ameliox / Hydrolyzed Ulva Lactuca Extract / and Horsetail Extract.
Storage : Store in cool and dry place.
MAL: 07030255K